Allergy Advantage is a proud to offer AllerTrainK12™ and AllerTrainU™, a unique and comprehensive training program to fit the needs of any K12 or university environment.

We offer consulting and training to reduce the potential liability food allergies play in a school environment. Statistically 1 in every 13 children are diagnosed with food allergies. That is approximately two in every classroom. Frighteningly, nearly 30 percent of children that have their first reaction at school were previously undiagnosed. Is your school, university or childcare facility prepared on how to handle food allergies and emergency allergic reactions when they occur?

AllerTrainU™ is designed specifically for directors of university and college dining services, executive chefs, nutritionist, registered dietitians, kitchen managers, cooks and servers. We provide training solutions for those individuals involved in providing meals in an on-campus setting.

The epidemic of childhood food allergies requires a plan and a process to promote the safety of each child. Allergy Advantage offers "live" in person training for every level of staff.  We teach solutions to the complexity of food allergies, handling emergency situations and creating environments to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

AllerTrainK12™ and AllerTrainU™ are the leading training programs today and endorsed by FARE.